Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's almost Christmas!

I'm taking a breath after finishing card orders for the season. Working on reorganizing and feeling even more nostalgic this December having spent time with many of my cousins and talking and reminiscing about when we were young. The two photos above are ones with my daughter, Melanie with two cousins and Santa Claus. In the one with Santa, she is wearing her brown patent leather boots. She loved those boots so much that when she grew out of them she continued begging to wear them and she would cry. I finally had to hide them from her. In the photo above that, she is holding my sister's daughter, Camilla. It was a while ago because Camilla is now 17 and wouldn't fit so nicely on Melanie's lap! I have boxes of family photos to scan and many to repair and archive for our family. It takes time. I will keep working on it because I think it's a gift for future generations.
Have a peaceful, joyful Christmas!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Felted Flower Pins

Felted Flower Pins/Brooches - they have a sterling silver hand-forged pin on the back. They look great on clothing, handbags, hats and more!